The Skinny

Each bar is named after and inspired by our favorite hikes (so far). We thought our brand should embody not only healthy ingredients, but also a healthy dose of wanderlust to inspire others to get outside and enjoy an active lifestyle. That’s why every bar contains all essential food groups, no artificial ingredients, no gluten, soy or dairy in balanced proportions.

Crafted to meet nutritional needs even on the most grueling physical activity.  We see you marathon runner, triathlete, basketball player (insert sport) – we’ve got you

RFB Flavors

Your new lunchtime standby

Every ingredient was chosen for it’s nutrient-dense properties. We chose protein from peas as it is both easy to digest and contains high levels of branch-chained amino acids (BCAAs) for excellent muscle recovery. Real Food Bars have a blend of fiber and natural prebiotics, healthy fats found in nuts and coconut oil and superfoods like gluten free quinoa and kale. 

We’re obsessed with real food


All  of our ingredients are whole foods, meaning that we do not add any fillers, preservatives, or unwanted artificial sweeteners. We labored hard in product development to get the perfect good-for-you to good-tasting ratio. We hope you’ll agree – we think they’re pretty tasty. 

The honest truth

We were sick of “nutrition” bars claiming to be healthy. Either they were high in sugar (not good), or contained sugar alcohols (even worse). Shelves were stocked with bars ranging from high fiber, high protein, cereal or ones that might as well be candy bars. Why not a real food bar with healthy proportions of all the good stuff? We’re bar junkies – so we designed each bar to give a good nutritional bang for your buck. What’s better, Real Food Bars are easy to digest without any gluten, dairy or soy. 

cacao sea salt

We let our ingredients do the talking

What we put into our product is as important as we keep out. We consulted nutritionists to craft the perfect bar. 

real food

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